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Introduction of Township Supervisor
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Introduction of Township Supervisor
Township Supervisor: Lin Ching-Kun
To whom it may concern,

First of all, your support and encouragement are greatly appreciated. I, Lin Ching-Kun, as a new mayor of Cihtong Township, will take the responsibility and satisfy your expectation to make Cihtong better. Cihtong is our hometown which is charming, sweet and beautiful. It is always in the deep mind of Ching-Kun that all those who live in Cihtong definitely deserve to have better constructions and environment. “Change Cihtong and make it better than ever” is always the main concept that Ching-Kun holds. Now, it is time to start the new generation of Cihtong.

It is a long journey to achieve the new generation of Cihtong, because lots of changes as well as improvement have to done and we need more constructions. In the term of Cihtong Township mayor, I promise to lead the team with humble and wider horizons and moreover to perform high execution. We will remain the best resources that we have and continue various policy plans which are undergoing now. Meanwhile, we will hold innovative idea, concept and actions to observe public needs of all residents of Cihtong Township in order to set up the most suitable new plans and new constructions which will lead Cihtong to a better future. I promise to make all my effort to achieve the best performance in the term of Cihtong Township mayor and also to implement the Ten Political Views.

  1. Renovate the lights and roads in Cihtong for safety, set up a new platform for immediate report and repair.
  2. Remediate the drainage system in Da-Mai Village for the improvement of agriculture. Program corridor with colorful painting, set a friendly environment for bike rider.
  3. Promote each community with different features, combine seasonal activities to push the economic take-off.
  4. Schedule the counseling for young farmers by Farmer’s association and the station of Agriculture Research and Extension, popularize the construction of greenhouse, and import the technical of Hydroponic to build sightseeing markets or farms.
  5. Reinforce the promotion on local crops, hold competition for high quality of local plant, such as rice, garlic and star fruit, and enhance the brand of Cihtong local corps in Taiwan and international markets.
  6. Redevelop the old paper factory from Hong-Kang Company; Invite the investment of high-tech enterprise to increase the work opportunity.
  7. Revitalize old parks for public entertainment purpose, target new park construction in each village for exercise and leisure.
  8. Carry out the elderly welfare, introduce the new concept ‘Time Bank’ & ‘Food Bank’ to relieve pressure on the cost of Day Care, let elders enjoy life with joy and dignity.
  9. Improve the education environment; Inspire children’s abilities and interests through diversified courses.
  10. Develop cultural and artistic activities, attracting tourists to visit Cihtong and stimulate the economy.

Cihtong Township is our mother town where we love and we live. Ching-Kun will keep the faith “You say, I do(li lai gueng, wa lai zou)”. We treasure all comments, suggestion and proposal from each single one of Cihtong Township. In the near future, the platform will be opened and your voice will be heard. With our passion, we sincerely invite you to join the innovation to create new generation of Cihtong. Let’s hold hands by hands to change Cihtong together and make Cihtong a gorgeous and glorious hometown!

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